INFAMY Paintball Organization originated in 2003 with the forming of a new novice divisional team. The founding members from then regional competition team “Reckless Rebels“ along with former members of various teams in the PA tri-state, came together to compete in the national leagues. Though little known, Infamy fast became a strong competitor among the some of the best in the league.


After 2 years in the novice division, Infamy experienced moderate success, yet showed a strong resolve when it came to competing against pro teams within their draw. The team managed to defeat several pro teams and gave the rest a close game. Its wasn’t long after in the middle of the 2005 season, that Infamy; on a gamble of its coach decided to leap from division 2 straight into the semi professional ranks, to see if they truly had the skills to challenge a division laden with remnant pro teams, when the professional division was regulated to a 18 team max roster for it division. There Infamy performed to a level that earned them a respectable top 5 semi pro teams out of a average of 32 teams nationally.


At the end of the 2007 season, The Infamy Semi pro program had bowed out of the NPPL after playing their last event in Boston with astounding results, as they soundly defeated powerhouse team Arsenal A-team in the quarterfinals advancing them into the semi finals. They performed with utter determination as they faced Professional team New England hurricane’s sister team Boston Paintball and Team Aftermath. After a close battle, Boston managed to pull out 3rd place after winning the best out of 3 competition. Infamy came in a respectable 4th place at the end of their run.


Prior to the close of the Semi pro squad, in the early season of 2007 a new sister team was being developed.

This was to be the protégé of the semi pro team. Infamy JV was fast becoming a very tough in your face type of competitor. Quite the opposite of its predecessor, who started out as a defensive team. Infamy JV had worked hard since its inception in March of the 2007 and had started out the 2008 season with great success at the Global Paintball Regional League, eventually becoming the new GPL champions for several seasons straight as well as achieving one of the top 3 best NPPL Division 2 teams in the nation during its tenure.

They had matured much in so very little time, and eventually became the face of Infamy. The team continued to achieve with a strong will and determination, and with the help of their sponsors until the 2010 season end of which the team had retired after 3 years of continual success.


Almost 5 years later, A brand new team is re-emerging once again. A 3rd generation squad with an arsenal of young fierce talent & skill and an insatiable hunger for success. A closely knitted and devout band of brothers ready to raise the banner once again, and represent a new breed of Infamy warriors ready to continue the legacy started over 10 years ago. The future has yet to be written, but one thing is for certain; The character of this team and organization has not changed. 2015 will usher in a very familiar menace to the competition of today, as we continue to represent the sport of paintball with respect, and helping raise the next generation of competition ballers, while raising the bar in true sportsmanship at all times.


The organization believes in a strong family oriented unit. Dedication, commitment, loyalty, and respect are the pillars of which this team builds its reputation on. A strong drive to win is the wind in which the team propels itself. And a never quite attitude is what makes this team unrivaled in many ways. We are a team that carries itself with the utmost respect toward our sponsors, teammates, and fellow competitors. But most of all we believe in team because (T)ogether (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore.